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Reputation Management – The Importance of Managing Google Reviews

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It is challenging for even the best digital marketing plan to be successful if your online reputation is negative. Potential patients are looking at your business on Google now more than ever before. When they book an appointment with you they can be easily influenced by negative (and positive) reviews.

If your business has negative reviews on Google, this has a direct impact on your overall ability to bring in new patients and may even lead to existing patients not wanting to return. Studies have shown that 88% of people trust online reviews more than personal recommendations. Google reviews also provide your dental practice with credibility without spending any money and even help with your local SEO ranking.

We’re going to walk you through four different ways you can not only gain more reviews on Google but ensure they are positive reviews that will help you bring in new patients. 

Ensure Your Patients are Satisfied before they Leave Your Office

If you are a practice owner or receptionist dealing with a patient after their appointment and they look unhappy, ask them about their experience. One of the worst things you can do for your business is let them walk out your door because chances are they are going right to Google to vent about their experience. 

Suppose you take the time to acknowledge the individual and the fact that they may be unhappy. This act alone will help diffuse the situation and make your patient feel heard. All your unhappy patient wants is the opportunity to share their experience, thoughts, and feelings, and to feel understood. If you notice your patient is unhappy, you have the chance right then and there to mitigate the repercussions of a negative Google review. 

If you notice a patient is upset after one of your services, first ask them how they feel. If they are willing to open up about their experience, listen to them and try to alleviate their concerns, even if you can’t solve the problem right away. If your patient is closed off, but you feel their experience may have been negative, offer them the email or phone number of an individual to who they can reach out with their concerns, avoiding Google altogether. 

At the end of the day, if you feel an individual at your practice had an adverse experience, do all that you can to improve their mood and ensure they feel heard before they leave your practice. 

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Be Mindful of Everything that Happens During the Patient Experience

From the moment a patient walks through your doors to the moment they leave, you have the chance to provide them with an experience that will not only keep them coming back but will make them want to rave about your business to others through a review. While we’ve spoken about the importance of ensuring your patients leave happy, this is not the only time during their visit to make a good impression. 

Your patients will have many touchpoints with various staff members from the moment they walk into your practice. For example, they will most likely see your receptionist on the way in and out, as well as a dental hygienist and/or dentist. Ensure all of your staff are on the same page, and know how to create a cohesive experience for your patients. It doesn’t matter if three out of the four team members that your patient interacts with provided them with a positive experience. One negative communication can lead to a negative review and have a lasting impact on your business.

Be Proactive and Ask for Reviews

The best way to get Google reviews is to ask for them! If you feel a patient had a positive experience, ask them nicely before they go if they can leave your business a review on Google and share their experience. 

Another great way to ask for reviews is to follow up with your patients after their appointment. You can set up automated text or emails that include a google review shortcut link, making it easy for your patients to leave a review and increase the chances of a response.  If you want to learn more about setting this up for your business, be sure to reach out and schedule a chat with us. 

You can also create marketing collateral, such as small cards you can hand out to your patients after their visit, prompting them to leave a review. Include direct instructions, a QR code or a link. Even offer an incentive, such as 15% off their next cleaning, for leaving a review. 

Set Targets for the Number of 5 Star Review You Want to Obtain Each Month

You will see more success if you get your staff involved! Set goals and targets for the number of Google reviews you want to get for your practice each month. You can even offer incentives or prizes if you reach your goal, such as buying lunch for the office, or taking your team out for a fun activity.

There are many ways for you to obtain more Google reviews for your dental practice, and putting in the effort can pay dividends in the end, helping you bring in new long-lasting patients. 
At SmileShop, we can help you manage your reviews and create marketing collateral and automation to help you receive more reviews from your patients. Reach out to us to learn more about what we do, or book a demo.

Written by Lila Swiatylo

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