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3 Key Points to Building Brand Awareness for Your Dental Practice

Marketing branding

Dentistry is a very competitive space these days, and being well-known and respected in your local area represents a significant business-building advantage for any dental office.  As a practice owner, you are likely familiar with the concept of printed mail campaigns as a way of introducing your dental practice to your local community or a […]

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3 Key Points To A High-Performing Website

A website is the most critical piece of marketing equipment that your dental office has working for it.  A powerful website not only provides your dental office’s first impression to new patients it is also the critical component to converting calls and online appointment requests.   While websites are an integral marketing tool for your practice, […]

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Reputation Management – The Importance of Managing Google Reviews

It is challenging for even the best digital marketing plan to be successful if your online reputation is negative. Potential patients are looking at your business on Google now more than ever before. When they book an appointment with you they can be easily influenced by negative (and positive) reviews. If your business has negative […]

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How to Make Teledentistry Work For You

It was not that long ago when the act of connecting with someone over a video call was something you’d only see in Star Trek. But, as technology grew more connected than ever before, science fiction became science fact and making a video call became so simple, a toddler could do it. Enter telemedicine. Telemedicine […]

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