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Membership Makes Our Team Your Team

Everyone at SmileShop Marketing is an expert at what they do. We’ve assembled a team of professionals who just “get” marketing. And because we work exclusively within dentistry, we know your industry pretty well too.

We all work together so that your marketing mix is in expert hands every step of the way, from strategy to website updates. When you choose SmileShop Marketing, you’re choosing decades of combined experience and a genuine passion for growing dental practices.

Our Core Values



We use our professional skills to highlight and elevate the skills of everyone else on our team. The result is a polished product that outperforms the industry standard by a mile.



We do the right thing, even when no one is looking. Everyone in our office holds themself to a high moral and ethical standard. We refuse to compromise on what’s right.



We are always solution-focused. SmileShop marketing uses challenges as opportunities to grow and tighten our processes.



We are always looking for better, more effective, and more efficient ways to grow your practice. We stay ahead of the crowd by leading our industry.

Marketing Directors

Your marketing director builds strategies to bridge the gap between you and your practice’s goals. They’ll identify the solutions that will benefit you most and set you up for the kind of growth you want.






Website Fulfillment Managers

Building a website is a big job. Your website fulfillment manager ensures the job gets done on time and above industry standards.They’ll work closely with you to make sure your website reflects your practice and your values.




Marketing Scientists

Our marketing scientists are all about optimization. They use their skills to ensure your campaign reaches the right people, conveys the right message, and gets the best possible return on investment.



Graphic Artists

Your website should reflect your business. Our graphic artists work with you to capture the essence of your practice and translate it into a website design. With inspiration from your office, your environment, and your values, they’ll ensure your design is totally unique.





Web Architects

Our web architects breathe life into your website. They ensure your entire website is optimized to provide the best possible user experience. From website speed to mobile responsiveness, our web architects keep your site in line with best practices.




Copywriters & SEO

Our content and SEO team write completely custom content that reflects your practice. Together, they make sure your website is optimized for search engines without violating the rules set by local regulatory bodies.




Social Media

Social media makes any brand feel more active and approachable. Our social media coordinator will get to know your brand and build a tailor-made strategy just for you. He has a knack for translating personality to social media posts.


Social Media Strategist

The Hired Help

These are the geniuses that propel us forward. From developing visionary ideas to keeping the lights on, these people empower and inspire us to do what we love- to help business owners unlock meaningful and sustainble growth in their practices.

Kevin Wilhelm


Wade Horb

Vice President of Sales & Member Success

Karim Ali

Chief Financial Officer

Jay Wellman

Vice President of Ops & Member Solutions

Tracy Reynolds

Internal Marketing Coordinator

Lauren Muirhead

Member Engagement Specialist

See How Your Website Stacks Up

Digital marketing success starts with a strong website and you should know how yours performs! We’d love to do a free comprehensive website audit for you. A free audit checks your website for:

Load Time & Responsiveness
User Experience Do’s & Don’ts
Design & Functionality
Organic Search Performance
Duplicate Content

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