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Your website is the strongest tool your practice has to grow your business – and boy do we build killer websites! We’ve developed a system for building the most effective websites possible, converting people into new patients for your practice.


  • Modern Template Website
  • Marketing Audit
  • Marketing Membership

(Most Popular): 

  • All of the above, plus up to 5 pages of custom content and graphics, SEO performance monitoring, and option to include medical content.


  • Custom Website
  • Custom Medical Content
  • SEO Performance Monitoring
  • Marketing Audit
  • Marketing Membership


  • If you have multiple locations or require multiple websites, our Enterprise option is built for you.

How Your SmileShop Membership Is Different

Your Membership

  • You own your website
  • Totally custom content
  • Website is optimized for user experience
  • Unlimited social media library access
  • Free branded videos every quarter
  • Ongoing website updates
  • Dedicated Marketing Director

The Other Guys

  • You lease your website
  • You’re one client in a sea of hundreds
  • Templated or duplicate content
  • Website looks nice but may not perform well
  • Website updates take forever
  • Social media posts cost extra
  • Expensive video production

Personal Membership Portal

Marketing Plans




Training Library




Master Classes


Promotional Videos


and more!

How Is SmileShop Different?

Enhanced Options Made for Dentists

What Our Clients are Saying

See How Your Website Stacks Up

Digital marketing success starts with a strong website and you should know how yours performs! We’d love to do a comprehensive website audit for you. An audit checks your website for:

  • Load Time & Responsiveness
  • User Experience Do’s & Don’ts
  • Design & Functionality
  • Organic Search Performance
  • Duplicate Content

Our Memberships’s Proven Process

Why Should You Consider Membership?

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