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3 Strategies to Bolster Your Dental Marketing Approach

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Your marketing strategy sets the foundation for the success of your practice and helps you bring in new patients; however, it is essential to ensure the method you choose is geared towards helping you reach your goals. 

Your marketing strategy will help you determine your target market and the marketing channels you need to be utilizing to reach new patients for your practice. 

Check out the three marketing strategies below, and start implementing the one you feel resonates with your objectives.  

Strategy #1:  Work on Your Online Presence. 

Ensure your practice website is current, engaging and able to provide new patient lead opportunities.  This means delivering calls and electronic forms to your front desk team so that they can convert these individuals into new patients.

The five critical elements of a website with actual digital marketing horsepower are:

  • Speed: The website loads in under three seconds
  • Mobile Compatibility: The website looks great on mobile devices and desktops
  • Engagement: The website calls the visitor to action through either a phone call or contact us form
  • Experience: The website enables the visitor to find the information that they are looking for quickly
  • Content: The website content is unique and written in a way that connects well with the visitors while at the same time being Google – Search Engine read
Web Development

Strategy #2: Focus on Patient Communication.  

To start and maintain a dialogue with your patient, consider these two patient communication channels:

  • Social Media: With a focus on Facebook and Instagram, you should be posting content 3 – 4 times per week. This content should be professional, quality content that is relevant and interesting to your audience. The key metric to watch here is engagement rate and how many of your followers react to your posts with a comment, like, or share.
  • E-newsletters: Monthly or quarterly newsletter communications are your best options.  Again it’s about providing quality content that your patients find valuable and having a clear and trackable call to action. 

If maximizing patient retention and value is essential to you, taking a more proactive approach with your patient communication is the best strategy for your practice. 

Strategy #3: Search Engine Marketing to Best Connect with People Looking for a New Dental Care Provider.

When someone is looking for something, they might first ask a family member or friend for a recommendation… or they might just go straight to Google and search out their options.

In today’s marketing world, Google ad campaigns are the best way to generate new patient lead opportunities. There are three critical aspects of a campaign that all need to be in check to deliver the best results:

  • Keyword Selection & Ad Copy: Someone clicking on a Google Ad is ready to take action – ensure that the keywords being used with your ad relate and connect with that person
  • Destination Page: Again, the person who has clicked on your ad is ready to take action, so the best approach is to direct their click to a specific page on your website relating to this particular subject
  • Bid & Budget: You get to decide on what a click is worth with your bid and then set your budget to determine how many clicks you would like to receive daily

If attracting more new patients is a crucial goal over the next twelve months, then Google Ad Campaigns are a great strategy to start with first.

Last Words

Since the pandemic began over a year ago, everything is different and will continue to change regularly.  With that, your dental practice will be doing its best, trying to navigate the way towards being successful every year. Creating a comprehensive marketing strategy is the first step to ensuring you reach the right people and bring in new patients. 

While utilizing the marketing strategies above is a great start, if your practice is looking for a customized approach, reach out to us to learn more about how we can help your practice.

Written by Shaila Kanji

Shaila (or as we call her, Shy) is one of the Marketing Directors at SmileShop Marketing. Bringing her experience in digital strategy using a data-centric approach, she thoughtfully considers current marketing performance when making recommendations for her clients. When not working on something cool and exciting at SmileShop Marketing, you can find Shy planning her next trip abroad, checking out the latest restaurants with her hubby, or playing with her adorable puppy, Kyoto.

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