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How to Convert Website Visitors Into Dental Patients

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Your website is an extension of your brand and a platform to share your practice with the community. But it’s also one of the most powerful tools you have for driving business. A website is only as good as its ability to turn online visitors into patients in your practice.

Converting a website visitor into a dental patient doesn’t happen by accident. There are methods and best practices that you need to employ to make sure you’re maximizing the potential of your online presence.

Let’s discuss what strategies are essential for converting online visitors into new patients because the main focus of your website should be getting people out of their computer chairs and into a dentist’s chair.

First Off, Be Found

The most beautiful website in the world has no purpose if no one can find it! So this should always be at the forefront of your online strategy. So how can you make sure that people will find your website when they search online?

The first step is being SEO-friendly. Search engine optimization is the process of maximizing exposure and visitors to your website. The whole idea is to convince a search engine like Google that your website is exactly what someone wants to read when searching for something like “dentist near me”.

SEO methods are constantly being improved and innovated, but some tips and strategies will make your website more relevant. Partnering with an agency that specializes in industry-specific SEO is always a great way to keep your website updated and relevant as online trends evolve.

Stay Accurate & Updated

Another part of being found on Google is setting up your Google My Business Page that links to your website and can be found in the appropriate categories within Google. This is a simple way to keep your website and contact information in front of people looking for a dentist in your area.

It might sound like a no-brainer, but keep your information updated and accurate. New office number? Change it on Google immediately. Changes in your operating hours? Update this online. Accurate information helps build trust with potential patients. 

Always make sure these changes are applied to every part of your website, especially click-to-call buttons.

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Develop Online Business Goals

Like any business medium, it’s beneficial to have goals associated with your website and online marketing. Understanding your return on investment from digital marketing efforts is essential for knowing what’s working and what isn’t.

Luckily, digital marketing can provide very transparent revenue patterns based on key performance indicators (KPIs). KPIs tell you how many people view your website, how many people click on your ads when they see them, and what viewers do once they find your website.

Set goals for new patients and revenue derived from your digital marketing. Get familiar with some important KPIs and work with your marketing partner to increase your online conversions.

Understand Your Data

Managing all your website data can be time-consuming and challenging when you’re also running a dental practice. It’s one thing to set business goals, but another to know if the numbers say you’re reaching them!

Clinics that want to increase patient appointments and increase revenues are always wise to partner with an agency that knows how to manage the data. SmileShop Marketing dissects your online data, analyzes your KPIs, and turns it into simple, tangible information about your dental office. 

If you’re ready to take a clinical approach to your online presence, contact our team for a consultation and demo.

Make Sure You Stand Out

We all know how important first impressions are. The same goes for first impressions online! The quality of your website can make or break a potential new appointment.

Your website should be authentic and represent your practice — it’s an extension of your business and your brand. Visually, you want to stand out and impress people with a modern design. But online viewers are also impressed with a website they can navigate easily.

Avoid clutter and content noise, and make it simple for people to find the most important content. Keep relevant information at the forefront, and content should always be attractive and engaging. For more information on high-performing websites, read this blog.

Mobile is a Must

Your website MUST be optimized for mobile browsers. Nearly 60% of online searches are now done on mobile devices. Your website needs to be fluid and work effortlessly on cell phones, tablets, and browsers of all types.

When people use their phones to find things, it’s often for something local. Like say… a dentist, maybe? 40% of all mobile searches are for a local business or interest. If your website isn’t a breeze to browse on a cell phone, you’re going to lose online conversions.

Always Be Original

Google and other search engines place a very high value on original content. This means that unique copy and content consistently rank higher than information published elsewhere.

Online visitors want unique content, too. If you believe that your dental practice offers patients a unique and special experience, your website should reflect that. Your website should mirror the tone and attitude of your clinic. 

Dental website on a mobile phone that is being held

Encourage an Appointment

Someone visits your website, they like what they see, they’re interested in booking an appointment, but how do they contact you? This is a question you never want a potential patient to ask.

Reaching your business from any page on your website should always be hyper-easy. Encourage an online visitor’s next step with calls-to-action (CTAs). Give them places to click that lead them to your business. Enable visitors to book an appointment online or call your office for an over-the-phone booking.

These CTA buttons need to be strategically placed throughout your website to catch the eye of the viewers. If your website isn’t doing this, call us now for a free demo. 

(See what we did there?)

Prove You’re a Dental Expert

You’re a dental expert because of your years of training and experience. It might seem obvious. But online visitors don’t know how much you know about teeth. Especially if they arrived at your website without a referral or without knowing anything else about your business. 

You don’t need to know everything. But you should be an expert in the services you offer to gain trust. Be the Local Thought Leader in dentistry.

Being a Local Thought Leader means providing your community with knowledge and information that helps them learn about dentistry. Online visitors build trust and confidence in you when they consider your practice an expert in dentistry. Trust and confidence lead to online conversions.

You can illustrate you’re a Local Thought Leader by:

  • Answering questions patients ask and making the answers available to everyone.
  • Creating videos and animations that engage viewers.
  • Publishing blogs that help people understand the field (like this one!).
  • Offering eGuides and other information resources to your community.

SmileShop offers a range of services and packages to help dental practices become Local Thought Leaders. Get in touch with our team to learn more about how expert information can help you convert.

Construct, Convince, Convert

If someone is looking for a dentist, they’re probably searching online. And every online search is an opportunity for you to book an appointment. Staying relevant and engaging through the entire decision-making process is the only way to convert online traffic.

Construct a website that can easily be found and stands out with a clear message.

Convince online visitors that you’re a true expert in dentistry and trusted by their community.

Convert website viewers by making information easy to access and providing easy, immediate ways to engage with your business. 

And then the hard part is done. Once a digital visitor has booked an appointment, you just need to do what you’re good at: give them an amazing dental experience. Our job is to make sure your website shines just like the smiles that leave your clinic!

Written by Lila Swiatylo

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