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The Dentist’s Guide to Google Responsive Display Ads

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What Are Google Responsive Display Ads?

Google responsive display ads are online visual advertisements that will adapt based on machine learning to get the best results. Hop on your computer or smartphone and you will likely see these ads on the side of webpages or integrated into the content you are viewing. 

What makes these ads unique and favourable to businesses is that they are designed to use an optimal combination of text and images to capture people’s attention and always maintain correct proportions (Meaning your ads won’t look squished or wonky).  

But that’s not all, these intelligent ads will help maximize your reach on what’s called the display network, a group of more than 2 million websites, videos, and apps where your ads can appear.

If you want to understand how to leverage these ads to get more patients to your dental practice, read on!

What Makes Responsive Display Ads So Great?

Responsive display ads are an innovative way to advertise your dental clinic and gather insight into what types of ads perform best with your patients.


Google analyzes your ads based on their performance and optimizes them, so you don’t have to adjust them manually. The machine learning behind these ads will survey what combinations work best and display those to get you more results. Google also uses your targeting along with the image sizes and copy to ensure it’s being seen by your target audience.

Greater Reach

Responsive display ads are incredibly flexible, allowing your ads to adapt to different sizes without creating several different versions of the same ad. Saving you from hiring a graphic designer. A single image and text combination can be used to reach any ad slot, boosting your reach without spending more time or having to hire someone to do it.

Reduce Time & Money Spent

Because the machine learning behind responsive display ads will create multiple ads for one campaign, you don’t have to make several different copies and sizes of the same ad. This saves your budget and keeps you from spending too much time on production.

Responsive Ads Updates

In 2019 and 2020, Google released several incredible updates for responsive display ads to improve performance and efficiency.

Video Assets

In the digital world, video is one of the most effective ways to make an impact on your audience. 60% of people that shop online say that video assets significantly impact their buying behaviour.

In response to this, Google developed video assets for responsive display ads. You can now add up to 5 30-second videos alongside any images, headlines, and descriptions.


If you are interested in the data, you can control these ads instead of letting Google do all the work. You can now view combinations reports, which allow you to select specific combinations of text, image, and video to see how they perform. This function gives you the creative freedom to decide what ads your patients will see.

Ad Strength

The Ad Strength tool analyzes your ads and estimates how likely they are to perform based on the combination of images, videos, headlines, and descriptions. With this tool, you can test multiple combinations to see what might work best for your goals.

Bonus Tip: Remember to keep your headlines and descriptions unique from each other for the best results.

Things to Consider

When using responsive display ads, you have to trust the process. Although new updates allow you to have some limited creative freedom, Google handles most of the heavy lifting. 

When creating a display ad, you have to submit a finite number of unique headlines and descriptions that fit within the character limits. To account for this, it’s important to remember to stay flexible with your ads. Google will choose the best-performing ads, to reach the market you want.

If you want expert advice on Google Ads and how you can make it work for your practice, book a no-obligation consultation today! At SmileshopMarketing we are well-versed in everything you need to build a strong online presence for your dental practice.

Written by Ashley Rode

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