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click: How to Grow Your Business through Digital Marketing

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click is a book I wrote as a resource for all things digital marketing. It’s 196 pages of advice, tools, and my own personal learnings. As the president of SmileShop Marketing and as a professional in the industry, I’ve learned the marketing difficulties many dental professionals deal with. I’ve compiled that understanding and created an in-depth marketing resource to allow dentists and other business owners to take control of their marketing. 

What Made Me Decide to Write click

I understand the irony of writing a physical, paper book about digital marketing. That said, it was my goal to create an in-depth resource for people looking to better understand digital marketing and I thought a book was the most effective way to do that. 

click is not like many marketing books, however. It’s not a textbook and it’s not a topical commentary full of statistics. It’s a toolkit that will help you expand your business through the power of digital marketing. The methods outlined in the book aren’t trendy or flashy and they’ll stand the test of time. 

How click Can Help You

click is a roadmap that will help you navigate the digital marketing landscape and grow your business. Whether you’re a dentist who just started their own practice or an established dental professional launching a new product, click can help you expand your business.

Reading through the book is like having a digital marketer right there beside you. It’s my objective to get you to better understand how digital marketing works, how to measure your investments, and how to make a custom marketing plan for your business. 

After you’ve read click you’ll have the knowledge to grow your business quickly, efficiently, and profitably. I help you avoid marketing mistakes, so you can go directly to a well-planned strategy that will grow your business, without wasting your marketing budget. 

Who Should Read click 

This book isn’t for the huge businesses that have unlimited marketing budgets. click is for you, the small or medium-sized business owner and entrepreneur. I want to correct any misconceptions you have about marketing and what your business can achieve. Because after you start reaching the right people, your business has the potential to become bigger than you ever thought possible. 

Helping business owners and dental professionals reform their marketing has become my passion and my livelihood. I want to help you take control of your marketing and your business growth. click will help you do just that by teaching you how to reach patients more effectively.  

click is a resource that can benefit non-marketers and marketers alike. It’s easy to understand while going into enough depth that people with existing marketing knowledge can benefit as well. If you already work in marketing, this book will give you a deeper understanding of digital marketing. If you’re a student, it will give you a solid foundation. 

3 Key Learnings from the Book

At this point, I hope I’ve convinced you with the thought of exponential growth, but just in case I haven’t, here are 3 takeaways you’ll get from the book:

  1. The knowledge to ask the right questions to your marketing team or agency
  2. The knowledge to build an effective marketing plan
  3. The knowledge and the wisdom to understand when to reinvest or walk away

When you’re done reading click, you’ll have the understanding to make marketing decisions with confidence. And with that confidence comes the ability to grow your practice and your business. If that seems like what you and your business needs, click is available on Amazon and is an Amazon bestseller. 

Written by Kevin Wilhelm

Kevin Wilhelm is a tenured marketing executive, having worked with hundreds of business owners on developing and executing strategic marketing plans. Co-Founder and President of SmileShop Marketing, Kevin brings years of experience in entrepreneurship, branding, advertising, marketing and, business operations to his dental clients. Kevin is a consistent contributor to industry magazines and online publications while travelling across North America to speak on marketing and human resource topics for private organizations and accredited industry conferences. His experience in starting and managing high growth businesses has attributed to his overall mindset of strategic business development for the clients we work with.

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