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The Problem at Hand

When Southgate Dental was working with their previous marketing agency, they struggled to understand what part of their marketing was working and what wasn’t. Ultimately, the dentists thought their marketing dollars were not being utilized and wasted on solutions that were not delivering a return on investment. Being an established dental practice, they understood the value of marketing and turned to their previous agency to gain data from each solution. Unfortunately, their prior agency could not provide clear enough data to retain their investment, which led them to SmileShop Marketing.

Southgate Dental was looking to not only acquire new patients but to improve their brand awareness locally. They wanted greater overall brand awareness in specific areas such as emergency dental and family dentistry. The dentists were also looking to educate on the importance of a healthy mouth.

The Approach

Having worked with the owner of Southgate Dental, Dr. Kevin Hamm, in the past, we were able to establish trust quickly. Keeping his goals in mind, every step of our approach was educational. We knew that Dr. Hamm wanted to understand what solution would drive new patient acquisition, and we planned to promote his brand to his loyal patient base and those not looking for a dentist at the moment.

To gain support from Dr. Hamm, we discussed what success would look like over the next 12 months and staggered the annual plan quarterly, recommending various complimenting digital solutions and setting expectations concerning metrics – which are reported monthly to ensure a return on investment.

Our approach was successful as we used a simplified “Funnel Strategy” supporting the annual marketing plan. With this strategy, Dr. Hamm was able to understand the impact of each segment, solutions implemented in each segment, the investment required, and the results.

Dr. Hamm was impressed with our simplified Funnel Strategy and how it aligned with our annual marketing plan. He could clearly explain all segments to his associates, providing further buy-in and future investment in their marketing programs.

We have had Southgate Dental as a valued client for over four years. The results have been stellar. Dr. Hamm has continued to work with our team to improve his digital marketing and educate us in the dental industry as it evolves.

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When SmileShop Marketing launched the Google Ads campaigns in 2019, the conversion rate was 23.26%. As of April 2021, the campaigns’ conversion rate has risen to 39.62%.

Keeping in mind Dr.Hamm’s primary goal – new patient acquisition, this statistic, coupled with the high level of leads, further demonstrates that SmileShop Marketing delivers ROI and helps clients achieve their goals.

Monthly direct traffic to their website has increased by 96.82% in the last two years. We attribute this result to the branding recognition campaigns run through different channels such as YouTube, Google Display, and Facebook. With these campaigns, Southgate Dental reached over a million impressions all over the Edmonton area cost-effectively.

The traffic coming from Paid Search has improved since launching the campaigns. Paid Search traffic was initially 6.1% and has grown to 17.8%. Below Direct and Organic, Paid Search is the third-highest channel that drove traffic to their website in 2020.

Please find below the statistics on costs and acquisitions related to the campaigns:

The cost per click (CPC) in Q1 was $6.59, while the industry average was $10.06. The cost per lead was $19.09 in 2019, $12.72 in 2020, and $33.38 in 2021.

Business Impact
– Client Perspective

Through the marketing efforts implemented by SmileShop, I saw an increase of 40 new patients per month while also educating the general public about dentistry through various channels such as Organic Social Media. 

My practice was able to receive personalized products and services with the help of a dedicated marketing director to coordinate each step of the process. The reporting structure and quarterly strategy meetings made it easy to review the numbers and metrics, so I was always aware of where my marketing dollars were going. 

The result from working with SmileShop Marketing has been a very professional, creative, and unique online presence for my clinic and doctors – without me spending a lot of time on marketing and at a reasonable cost.

Dr. Kevin Hamm

Dentist and Owner at
Southgate Dental Centre

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