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Our program is pretty unique. As a result, people tend to have a lot of questions before they sign on.

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The SmileShop Marketing Program is a monthly retainer of $3,500 per month. Your retainer provides you a dedicated marketing team delivering comprehensive marketing support focused on the success of your practice and your objectives. We work with you to create and execute custom marketing plans, websites, patient lead generation, marketing campaigns, patient communication, online reputation management and more. We recommend you connect with us to see live examples of the SmileShop Marketing Program in action and discuss how we tailor everything to you and your practice.

There are no hidden fees with SmileShop Marketing although there are situations where additional services may be recommended. Here are the most common additional services:

  • Enhanced Ongoing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Depending on the objectives you have for your practice or the competitive landscape of your area, we may recommend additional support from our Search Engine Optimization team. We work with you to build a custom recommendation based on an audit of your objectives and an SEO competitive analysis.
  • Custom Video Production – Your SmileShop Marketing team will work with you to strategize, script, manage and execute the production of custom marketing videos for use within your marketing and advertising. Should you choose to move forward with video production, additional investment will be required for video filming and production.

Social media offers an awesome opportunity to engage with your community. We help ensure that your brand is consistent across your chosen social media platforms. Social media is typically most successful when organic engagement is generated and driven from inside your practice. To support you and your team, we’ll train you and your staff in social engagement best practices.

Beyond organic social media support we’ll create and execute social media advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. These campaigns are tied into your annual marketing strategy and quarterly marketing campaigns. The idea is to help you build brand presence via social media both inside and outside of your social network.

Yup! Your SmileShop Marketing team is headed by your Marketing Director and Account Manager. They’ll work with you to build a 1-year marketing plan based on your long-term goals. Then they’ll break the one year plan into quarterly targets.

Your SmileShop team wants to be sure that any marketing activity aligns with your practice’s goals. You can be as hands-on with your marketing strategy as you want. Lots of clients have marketing ideas they’ve always wanted to try but never had the time or resources until they started working with us. Others prefer to have their SmileShop team strategize and present ideas based on their practice vision and goals, then lean on our team to execute their chosen idea.

Launching your full SmileShop program typically takes 6 weeks. Once we launch your program, you’ll start to see new leads immediately. It’s crucial that you and your SmileShop account team stay connected to make sure your marketing efforts give you the results you’re looking for. Your team will meet with you monthly to go over your marketing dashboard, giving you full transparency into the success of your marketing investment. The goal of SmileShop Marketing is making the absolute most out of your marketing dollars.

There are lots of patient management software tools available to you. These tools give you the opportunity to tailor your practice communications to each patient’s preferences. For example, some may prefer that you email them, while others might find texts more convenient. Our patient communication software is made to support you if your patient management software doesn’t use email, SMS text messaging, or automated communication. If you want to keep using your current system, we can help you optimize your system within your marketing strategy. If you don’t have certain communication features with your system or processes in place for patient feedback or recall messages, we’ll give you the tools and support you need to implement those features or processes.

SmileShop Marketing uses a full suite of software to track and measure how potential patients are engaging with your ads and website. Using dynamic call tracking and analytics software, we can measure and track phone calls and online appointment requests, tracing them back to the source or tactic that lead to the phone call or appointment request.

This system gives you transparency into how many leads were generated from Facebook and Instagram compared to Google Adwords, or via direct visits to your website. This transparency also allows your SmileShop marketing scientist to identify which tactics are working best for you and make sure your campaign is as efficient as possible.

If you own your current website, you keep it. When your SmileShop Marketing website is built and launched, we’ll unpublish and save your current website, just in case you ever need it in the future.

Should you ever choose to step away from your SmileShop Marketing program, you still own your website*. SmileShop will work with you or your webmaster to transfer the hosting of your website to ensure you have a seamless transition without downtime. Your SmileShop website is built using the WordPress platform. WordPress is one of the most widely used website platforms meaning that you or any other web developer will have the ability to update or revise if needed.

*As for the fine print, SmileShop Marketing does not charge clients a set-up fee to launch their program; however, there is a significant investment of time, technology, and expertise into the build and launch of your website. If you choose to step away from your SmileShop Marketing program prior to the end of 6 paid retainer months, SmileShop Marketing retains the ownership of your website. At that time, if you retained ownership of your old website, it will be published online and SmileShop Marketing will ensure you do not see any downtime online.

The launch of your SmileShop program typically takes 6 weeks. In that time, your website will be custom designed, professionally written, approved and built. At the same time, you’ll work with our team to build your first quarter’s marketing campaigns, standardize your social media profiles, build your Google Adwords lead generation campaign, and identify and schedule any graphic design support you need for in-practice collateral.

Working with a marketing team who specializes in marketing for dental practices gives you the advantage of experience. We leverage that experience to give our clients marketing metrics that go far beyond industry benchmarks. It is that experience that drives us to seek partnerships in which we are held accountable, and why we don’t ask our clients to sign long-term contracts. We’re confident that we can positively impact your business. But, if you find the results do not meet your expectations, all we need is 30 days notice of cancellation. If we can’t be an asset to your business, we would much rather help you find the best solution for you. Meanwhile, anything we’ve created for you during your program remains yours*.

* If you decide to leave your SmileShop Marketing program prior to the end of 6 paid retainer months, SmileShop Marketing retains the right to your website. At that time, if you retained ownership of your old website it will be republished online and SmileShop Marketing will ensure you do not see any downtime online. SmileShop Marketing does and will retain intellectual property of all digital advertising campaigns. Upon dissolution of service, you will receive all completed graphics or ads created.

Our marketing support goes beyond online and into the practice. When working with you to build and launch your marketing campaigns, we offer all of the tools you need, including in-office posters or point of sale signage, local newspaper or magazine ads, radio advertising, or sponsorship of the local sports team. We also support you if you need practice brochures, services information cards, business cards, recall cards, forms, or letters.

Many SmileShop Marketing clients have implemented patient management software and processes. We’ve created patient communication tools to help our clients if their current patient management software doesn’t offer all the functionalities they need. Our patient communication software is not a replacement, but a complementing set of tools available when and where they’re needed. We want to ensure our clients have the best opportunity to tailor their communication style to their patients’ preferences, including email and text messaging while maintaining strong processes for gathering patient feedback and online reviews.

We build our websites off of 3 primary pillars. The first is design. You work with your graphic designer to ensure it represents your brand properly and delivers a strong first impression.

The second pillar is content and structure. Search engines don’t know what your website looks like, only what it says and how visitors interact with it. All of the content on your website is custom-written by a professional extensively trained in writing for the dental industry. Combing custom content within a website structure built using search engine optimization best practices allow your site to be ranked higher and more often by search engines.

The final pillar is performance. Your website is your number-one salesperson tasked with turning visitors into patient leads. By analyzing the network of SmileShop Marketing clients, our team is constantly analyzing performance and trends on a macro level, refining our website formula and its ability to turn a visitor into a lead. Then we use conversion rate optimization software on your individual website to identify any adjustments needed to help your website perform more effectively.

It takes approximately 6 weeks to build your program. In that time your, SmileShop Marketing team invests 80 – 100 hours bringing your program to launch. We start our first day with you with a 60-minute on-boarding meeting. We’ll also give you a practice overview and questionnaire document to complete and submit prior to the meeting. This document is sort of like your homework. During the build process, your Account Manager works with you to gain feedback and approvals of everything we build for you. We’ll bring you in for feedback, and to make sure your program and marketing strategy align with your objectives.

Yes, absolutely. Every month, your team prepares a comprehensive dashboard providing both macro and micro analysis of your marketing performance. We’ll meet with you to review your dashboard, discuss any learnings, review the work completed the previous month, and confirm the projects or initiatives for the upcoming month according to your marketing strategy. This meeting ensures that we’re always in line with your practice’s marketing objectives.

We’re always available to talk with you. Your SmileShop team keeps standard office hours and is happy to answer any questions you may have. You have access to your account manager on a daily basis. We like to meet with you at least once a month to review your dashboard metrics and make sure we’re on track with your goals.

We only offer custom website creation through our SmileShop Marketing program. Your website is an ever-evolving tool within your business. All too often, we see business and practice owners invest their time and energy into the launch of a new website. Then, once the new site is launched, their time and energy shift to other priorities. We definitely understand why that happens; business and practice owners have a lot to focus on.

In order to keep your website performing effectively and positively contributing to ROI, we continually analyze its performance; making changes and revisions in the pursuit of performance. Your website is updated with each new marketing campaign and optimized through testing. This support gives you the advantage of a website that performs beyond the industry benchmarks for website performance, and are only advantages we can provide when we use your website as an evolving tool in your marketing strategy.

Within the SmileShop Marketing program, you receive over 80 ongoing service elements. These elements include the design, build, and updating of your website, as well as support from a dedicated marketing director and account manager who oversee your every element of your marketing services.

For those new to digital marketing, we understand that it can be somewhat of a mysterious black box. Our mission is to open that box and provide education, insight, and context to all the areas of digital marketing and how they impact your business. Your team takes the time to know your comfort level with the tools and tactics we deploy as part of your marketing strategy to make sure you’re part of the process. Your monthly dashboard meeting is designed to not only educate and clarify but provide an opportunity for you to connect with your team to openly discuss your marketing and its impact on your practice. Your team will work with you to analyze ROI and determine strategic steps forward based on the data and metrics collected in your marketing program.

Your account manager is your primary point of contact. They’ll be available to you via Project Management Software called Basecamp, which connects with your email; allowing you to send emails as usual. Basecamp keeps all communication, files, and approvals associated with your program organized in one place.

The SmileShop Marketing program begins with signing a program agreement. Unlike a contract, the agreement gives a detailed outline of the elements and deliverables included in the SmileShop Marketing program. You have the ability to cancel the agreement with 30 days notice at any point during your program. You are then given some homework in the form of a practice overview & questionnaire. We ask that you complete the overview and questionnaire prior to your 60-minute on-boarding meeting. In that meeting, you will meet your marketing director and account manager to discuss your marketing objectives. Our team will then get to work building your program.

The advantage of a custom SmileShop Marketing website is your ability to leverage our proven formula for website performance to benefit your practice. A custom-branded SmileShop Marketing website allows you to benefit from all of the elements of the program and see your best ROI. Your current website is kept for you in case you ever want to use it again in the future.

After connecting with SmileShop Marketing and determining we are the best marketing fit to meet your objectives, the next step is to hire us! We’ll give you a program agreement to review and sign. Then, we’ll introduce you to your team, set your on-boarding date, and get ready to work with you.

Billing is done monthly in advance. You will be billed within the first 5 days of the month for your agreed upon retainer. Payment is made by credit card. Upon signing your program agreement, you’ll also be given a pre-authorization agreement permitting SmileShop Marketing to bill your credit card monthly.

Yes absolutely! You have a dedicated graphic designer on your team and up to 3 hours per month or 36 hours per year of ancillary graphic design support for items such as business cards, recall cards, practice posters, or brochures.

Yes, some clients have an e-commerce process for their products and services. We can help incorporate that process and platform into your website.

We sure can. Your SmileShop Marketing retainer is based on a single brand. For businesses that operate under different brand names, we would establish a separate retainer program for the needs of that brand.

When launching your program, your Google Adwords campaign will launch alongside your website and the rest of your SmileShop Marketing program.

There is ongoing activity each month including marketing strategy, pay-per-click optimization, search engine optimization, graphic design, web development, account management, and more. The monthly activity performed for your marketing program is summarized in your monthly dashboard.

The SmileShop Marketing program applies a proven process that combines marketing best practices with proven solutions that have been built specifically for and tested within dental. These programs are then applied and tailored to your practice and specific objectives delivering solutions that are tested on a scale and are specially optimized for you.

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